Conference AGSO Knokke-Heist


Thursday 13th March 2014
15h30 – 16h30

Belgian Pavilion – Debussy Hall


  • Introduction
    Count L. Lippens, mayor Knokke-Heist – 5 min
  • Maes en Boereboomplein
    Brendan MacFarlane – JAKOB + MACFARLANE architects – 30 min
  • Drink – 25 min

The Maes en Boereboomplein: Community House

The Maes en Boereboomplein is a square situated in the centre of Heist, a submunicipality of Knokke-Heist, the well-known resort on the Belgian coast. An open market is held there every Tuesday morning. On the edge of the square are the old town hall and ‘Ravelingen’, a multifunctional meeting place.

The project of JAKOB + MACFARLANE upgrades this location to a new, fully fledged meeting place for residents, second home owners and tourists alike. To that end, public functions, commercial activities, residential accommodation, recreation and public domain are linked into one integrated whole.

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