Group travel to Cannes

NeckermannEvery year, a group travel is organised in cooperation with Tour operator Neckermann. Please let us know by completing the form in the attachment (form 6.5) whether or not you are interested to take part in the group travel. This form must be sent in at the latest by the 15th December.
No further group offerings can be booked through Flanders Ghent Development Group after the 15th of December.
Those who booked a group package before 15th December and wish to make changes, must also make these directly with the tour operator mentioned on the form “form for group travel (form 6.5)”

A few remarks:

The number of participants is limited.
The following principle will apply should demand exceed supply: “first come, first served”.
Partners who book a different flight / train ticket or hotel from the group offering, must arrange this with the tour operator;
Participants to the group travel receive an invoice directly from the tour operator. The invoice must be paid at the latest 14 days before departure. There is no guarantee that the tickets and hotel vouchers will be available to the sponsor should the invoice not be settled on time; partners who prefer to arrange their own travel to Cannes are strongly advised to do so well in advance. There will, during the duration of the MIPIM fair, certainly be to few rooms in Cannes and its vast surroundings. Air tickets too will be scarce from January 2009. The tariffs offered to the group travel are only feasible if a sufficient number of contingent bookings are made by the partners. The organisers reserve the right to review the conditions should there be in time an insufficient number of bookings.

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