Histoire d’eau² / March 8th / 9h


The city of Ghent is delighted to invite you to their annual MIPIM conference. For this year’s edition, we are pleased to announce a joint collaboration with the city of Paris.

“Histoire d’Eau” will discuss the impact of water on real estate development inside our cities, with specific attention to biodiversity. The cities of Paris, Ghent and Kortrijk will provide an in-depth analysis of this new topic.

Furthermore, water is on its way to becoming the super highway of tomorrow’s logistics axes. A fitting example is the future development of the Seine-Scheldt connection, not only as an economic
catalyst, but also as a generator of new real estate opportunities. Voies navigables de France and the Port of Ghent will share practical insights into the potential of this development.


8th March from 9 am
Hotel Martinez
Boulevard de la Croisette 73

  • 9h welcome
  • 9h30 presentation
  • 11h15 cocktail



‘Urban biodiversity and waterfront developments in cities’

  • Fabienne Giboudeaux // Deputy Mayor for Open Space, City of Paris
  • Daniël Termont // Mayor of Ghent
  • Tom Balthazar // Vice-Mayor of Environment, Urban Development and Housing, City of Ghent
  • Stefaan De Clerck // Mayor of Kortrijk

‘Seine- Scheldt: thousand hectares of real-estate development on the liaison between Paris and Ghent’

  • Filip Vanhaverbeke // Director, Intermunicipal Association Leiedal
  • Nicolas Bour // VNF Director, European links and innovation
  • Christophe Peeters // Ghent Port Company // President
  • Daan Schalck // Ghent Port Company // CEO

Conclusions / Moderator

  • Professeur A. D’Hooghe // Architectural Urbanism at Massachussetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Organised by:

  • Flanders Ghent Development Group
  • Ghent: so much city
  • Mairie de Paris
  • Stad Kortrijk
  • Flanders Investment & Trade
  • VNF: voles navigables de France

Important message:
please note that you cannot access the conference without the official MIPIM badge.

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