MIPIM 2012: Mini-conferences

Since 2010 we have successfully organised small but effective conferences in the Palais des Festivals, during which our partners are pleased to present their views on different hot topics. In 2012, we would like to share some insights on sustainable entrepreneurship and on marketing. Partners are welcome to attend as visitors or to actively participate.

Mini-conference 1: Tue 6th March, 16h-17h
Sustainable entrepreneurship in real estate:
A challenging opportunity

Peter Garré (BOPRO) illustrates his vision and shares his expertise in this field with real business cases and benchmarks.

Mini-conference 2: Thur 8th March, 16h-17h
Turning bricks into brands:
when real-estate gets serious about marketing!

Mathieu Van Marcke (hooox) presents an analysis on the slow but steady adoption of emerging techologies in the real-estate marketing mix.

Invest in nature:
Branded hospitality in public parks.

Kris Van Slycke (Vlaams Agentschap voor Natuur en Bos) gives an insight into real estate opportunities for branded concepts in green hospitality, leisure & entertainment.

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